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After owning countless muscle cars and hot rods of all kinds over the years, I’ve found my way back to C10 trucks.  Thirty years ago when I owned my first C10, a beat-up white 68, it wasn’t cool.  It was just an old truck used for hauling.  Times have changed!  They are now definitely cool.  Trucks restored to original condition, preserved patina, and custom builds are all appreciated by hot rod, custom, muscle car, and classic car owners.  The movement has exceeded mere appreciation to become a community in itself.  A community willing to openly share ideas, information, and resources to keep the community moving forward.  Because of this incredible community around these now iconic trucks I rediscovered C10s.

Once I rediscovered C10s there was only one thing to do, buy one.  So after thirty plus years since I owned that white 68, I finally have number another C10.  My newest truck is an original paint, real patina, 67.  Although the project has been slow moving, there is no shortage of excitement and anticipation about the project.  As the build slowly progresses  so does the quest for parts.  A scavenger hunt on Craigslist, Ebay, swap meets, manufacturer sites, and of course social media sites.  When buying or building a truck, finding trucks and parts can be difficult and frustrating.  On-line, the huge sale and auction sites sell everything.  I want to make finding quality C10 parts easier, so I’ve started C10 Marketplace.

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